Mad About Melbourne

Brad’s having a great time exploring the ins and outs of Melbourne, and so far the temperature has been great.  Apparently there was a big heat wave right before Brad and his cousin Jenn arrived in Melbourne, but it’s been much milder since they’ve arrived — in the 70s (Fahrenheit) they said.  That sounds amazing to those of us stuck here in chilly PA!

Brad sent over some photos from being out and about the other day.  The day was sunny and though the weather forecast was calling for rain, it stayed sunny the whole time they were walking around.  There’s a cute little cafe that serves great coffee about a block away from where they’re staying, and Brad and Jenn started off their day sitting in the outdoor seating area, soaking up the sun.  They then walked to the Melbourne Aquarium where Brad had a lot of fun (see the photos below!).  Even the walk to the aquarium was great and Brad thinks that walking around is the best way to explore a city and take everything in.  And in an awesome city like Melbourne, there is definitely a lot to see!  On the way to the aquarium, Brad saw some great live art and got to listen to some great live music from street performers.


Check out the photos from Brad’s day:

 Mel2 Mel1 Mel3

Trunk is the cute cafe right down the block from Brad’s hotel, and there’s a great outside seating area.  He even got an idea for his wheatgrass trays back home! 

Mel4 Mel6
There is a great street culture in Melbourne and there are a lot of performers and artists.  This makes the city even more fun and welcoming!

 Mel9 Mel8 Mel10
The walk to the aquarium was beautiful!

Mel11Australia is home to the Great White Shark.  Brad’s OK with this guy, but would prefer not to run into any real ones…
Mel13Just hanging out in a shark’s mouth! 
Mel12 Mel16
Brad gazing into the underwater world!