So you’ve just finished a package of Brad’s Crunchy Kale, and now you’re wondering what to do with those leftover kale crumbs. They’re too good to waste, and you’d love a way to use them. Well, try them as toppers!

Here are three things to do with those delicious bits of crunchy kale!


1.       Soup Topping

 soup topping

You know what would be perfect on top of that savory chicken soup you just made? A topping of kale! Sprinkle some kale crumbs on top of soup, like you would sprinkle crackers, and enjoy immediately.


2.       Pizza Topping

 pizza topping

Who said you had to choose only from the toppings that the pizzeria offers? Save the kale crumbs for when you order pizza, and use them to add a delicious vegetable-crunch to your slice.


3.       Salad Topping

 salad topping

Why not add more greens to your greens? Instead of throwing bacon-bites on top of your salad, try kale-bites! You’ll be sure to love it, and with so many different flavors of Crunchy Kale, you’re bound to find a match for every salad.


What have you done with your kale crumbs? Let us know!