5 Reasons Raw Foods Rock!

So you’ve been hearing a lot about raw foods recently – what’s with all the hype? Well, raw foods have a multitude of health benefits – plus they taste great! Keep on reading to learn five reasons why you should be eating raw foods.

1.       It’s easier to absorb nutrients from raw foods.

We need to eat. Why not make sure we’re getting the most we can from our food? Heating food above 115 degrees damages nutrients and kills enzymes. By eating raw foods, you’re getting all of the benefits of those nutrients and enzymes, which can help you live and feel better.

2.       Raw foods are better for digestion.

Enzymes are used to digest food. Our bodies produce their own enzymes, but we can also get enzymes from raw foods, which makes digesting easier. Furthermore, cooked foods have a higher chance of fermenting while in the digestive system, which causes gas and inflammation.1 Raw foods pass through the digestive system much more easily.

3.       Raw foods give you more energy.

Did you know that we spend a lot of energy digesting our food? Since raw foods are easier to digest, if you switch to a raw diet, you may find yourself with much more energy! This can help you sleep better, get more done, and simply feel better overall.2

4.       More good stuff, less bad stuff.

You don’t have to switch completely to a raw diet – you should do whatever makes you feel best! But if you start incorporating more raw foods into your diet, you’ll begin to eat less of processed foods, and that can make all the difference. In fact, even just incorporating raw fruit in your daily diet “has been associated with fewer deaths from heart attacks and related problems, by as much as 24%.”3

5.       Raw foods taste great!

Some people feel like they love processed foods too much to give them up, but start eating raw and you soon may be leaving those processed foods behind. Since you get more nutrients when you eat raw foods, you may find yourself eating less. Furthermore, as your palate expands, you’ll find yourself craving foods like savory kale chips or healthy smoothies instead of junk food.

So give our raw foods a try – chances are, you’ll fall in love!


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