Incorporating Raw Foods into your Diet

Raw foods have living vitamins and enzymes that get destroyed when they’re cooked, and with all the benefits that raw foods have to offer, it makes sense to try and incorporate more of them into your diet. Here are four tips to get more raw food into your life!


1.       Swap out cooked for raw

Try swapping out cooked food for their raw counterparts. Many times, food you didn’t even realize had been cooked has a just-as-delicious raw version that’s healthier for you! Take Brad’s Tortilla Chips for example – you get all the benefits of raw food, but in the traditional Tortilla-chip format that you love!

2.       Sneak fresh fruit and veggies in

Another great way to incorporate more raw food is to sneak fresh fruit and veggies into what you’re already eating. Try adding a couple of berries to your frozen yogurt, or sprinkle some fresh basil on top of your pizza. Not only will doing this enhance the flavor, but you’ll get the benefit of eating more raw food!

3.       Prepare ahead of time

Maybe you’d like to have cucumber slices included in your lunch, but don’t have enough time to peel and slice them in the morning. This is where preparation is key. Make sure to take the time to prepare your food so that you can enjoy meals and snacks that are both tasty and good for you!

4.       Experiment with new flavors

Eating raw isn’t just carrot sticks. Try experimenting with new fruits and vegetables – you may just find something that you love. Have you ever had pomegranate seeds? Or tried our air-crisped Broccoli Poppers? You won’t know how you ever lived without them!